Our Mango Puree

Processed from mature naturally ripened mangoes. The puree has a minimum of 13⁰ – 16⁰ brix and is packaged aseptically in steel drums carrying net weight of 212 Kg. Annual supply capacity is 5,000MT.

About Mango Puree

Ripe mangoes are most distinguishable by their potent aroma, which is sweet and gets stronger as the mango matures.

Aseptic Single Strength Ngowe Mango Puree Specifications

Below are the physio-chemical specifications of our mango puree product

Brix Value13° - 15°
Acidity (%) as Citric Acid0.25% to 0.65%
Brown specks / 10 gramsMax 5 per 10g
Black specks / 10 grams Max 3 per 10g
Bostwick Consistency cm/30sec@20°C8-14 cm
Color / Appearancecharacteristic of ripe ngowe mango color, homogeneous
FlavorCharacteristic of ripe ngowe mango, free from off-flavor